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Atlanta Vending Services | Kandee Vending

When I started Kandee Vending, my goal was to provide a needed service for customers and do it with the best product that cared about their needs at an affordable price. Along the way, there have been so many people who've helped me along this journey - including family members and loyal employees! We're well on our way now because they all believed in what we were trying to accomplish from day one which made everything possible.

My biggest challenge was to find appropriate sites for vending machines. With adequate staffing, we could ensure our customers' needs were met as the business grew steadily with product rotation keeping us busy in order to meet those demands.

Maintaining these machines requires constant attention because if they aren't maintained properly then their quality will decline quickly putting you at risk of losing income or worse; someone could get hurt!

Today's consumers are more in tune with their health and many of our big sellers are in the "healthy" food category. Of course, the growing popularity of coffee service made those additions a no-brainer for K

andee Vending to add! Candy & sweet snacks still remain popular as well--easy stocks that last long on shelves or counters? Check!. Office workers will find office vending machines stocked full thanks to this expansion.

Candy is always an easy sell because everyone loves it-whether you're making your own sweets at home or snacking away from home after work; there’s something satisfying about biting into some sugary goodness when its delivered straight out of the machine!

If you employ the services of Kandee Vending, we will attend to all your vending needs. A typical day for our team begins with a check and seeing which machines need restocking or repair; deciding if customer service is needed at those locations as well as contacting new clients round out some days in an already interesting work schedule!

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